Interviews and Trailers


Our dedicated team of investigators have ventured into the unknown. Whispers have been heard and voices recorded. Locals have come forward and told us their bizarre and weird stories.  The evidence speaks for itself. Their visit to Lake Bala has been a real eye opener and has dislosed information buried for thousands of years from mankind. Here we have a place to share their secrets and reveal the darkest truths. First hand encounters and real life  recollections are collated here so the mysteries of Lake Bala can be known to all. Unfortunately their safety cannot be guaranteed, or ours. An evil lurks within the Lake. A force so powerful, no creature can escape. Not all of our investigators have been the same since returning to Headquarters. Dreams are no more. A reality so sinister the human mind can't cope. An emptiness so vast the voids of time spare little thought as the conscious mind descends into an abyss of madness.

Once viewed there is no turning back. Teggie is coming. It Wants to live.


A video of the painting which ultimately lead to local artist Miss C. Nowe losing her mind and spending the rest of her days in a psychiatric facility.


Having spent several hours at Llyn Tegid in North Wales with Troy Dennison we finally got lucky. We hoped to see Teggie. We prayed. Maybe not as well known as Nessy, however, equally as frightening.

We got lucky. Suddenly a ripple and then movement in the water. It's on film.

Checkout our teaser trailer. Teggie doesn't come to us, we go to Teggie!


Teggie has tried to stay hidden. However, one fisherman recalls a frightening experience which we believe was a boni fide Teggie sighting. Was it the alcohol? We think not. It seems very real and a sign Teggie is due to return.


From the dawn of time man has witnessed the creation and beauty of a world emerging. Now something waits in obscurity, just out of conscious sight. It wants to change, manipulate and possess this world we hold most dear.  Monsters are born of our imaginations. From birth we emerge into the light and upon death we leave the path ceasing to exist within the mortal realm. Where there is light there is dark. Where the is good there is evil. The Legend of Lake Bala extends  throughout the ages. Strange visions, eery sounds and unexplained legends continue to be common place around the lake. To stare too long into the water risks contaminating your essence and being lost forever. Headquarters are keeping these ancient journals from prying eyes.. The road to discover perfection is long and not without peril. All stories are being recorded and files meticulously kept.  This is indeed unchartered territory. Closed minds learn nothing, whilst others reach to the elements and become one.