A young farmer, Joshua Clancy, went missing in 1607 whilst walking by the lake after the death of his dear wife. He was believed to have drowned until he reappeared 15 years later in exactly the same spot he’d disappeared from. He was never able to account for the missing years. His family were stunned to find he had not aged a day and had developed the ability to play a flute.

Eve was a twenty year old junior reporter for a small newspaper in 2013. She was sent to Bala to find out about Teggie. She found herself at a mysterious lake a few miles away. She took many photographs but none came out, and she told of strange stars that glowed on the lake. Her report was never published through lack of evidence and within a few weeks Eve had given up her job as a reporter.

In 2003, a family of fishermen, a father and his two sons, took their boat out into the Irish Sea intending to be away for several days crab fishing. On their return just one day later with a full quota of crabs, they were told by other fishermen that they had been gone for five days. The family told of a strange incident where they believed they had been transported to Lake Bala.


On the morning of July 3rd 1743 during a heatwave, villagers awoke to find the mountains surrounding the lake covered in snow and large swathes of icicles. Hundreds of fish lined the shore. Despite the blazing sun, the white surroundings persisted for a further 3 days before eventually  thawing and returning to normal. The fish reportedly twitched for hours, despite not being in water.

In the spring of 1985 a woman, Miss Antonia Jay suddenly vanished at the edge of the lake. She had been cycling with friends and fell behind. There was no apparent for the reason for her disappearance. Her red bicycle was never found until several years later cycle parts began appearing on the beach. Police identified the parts, stating they were from the missing bike. No other explanation was offered or given.

In 1963 Debbie Andrews from Birmingham was 17 years old and going out on a first date with her new boyfriend Lee. They travelled to North Wales on Lee’s scooter to spend time at a lake that Lee had been told about. What happened at the lake that evening remains a mystery. After recovering from an accident Debbie swore she didn’t know how Lee had disappeared but to this day his body has never been found.

In 1889 during the Victorian era the lake was a special place for courting couples to secretly meet. During one such liaison, Primrose, a dancer, and Jake, a musician, were terrified to see bright white lights glowing in the sky above the lake. They gave an eye witness account stating the lights grew brighter and appeared to drop suddenly into the lake, fading into oblivion.

Professor Scroge, an eminent ornithologist lost his memory in 2007 when he was conducting experiments on the effect of water pollution on the local bird life. Something happened to him that day by the lake and left Scroge without the ability to speak. Scroge no longer studies birds and has become a recluse rarely leaving the house. In 1942 something happened to him as a child which would haunt him forever.

In the year 1492, a seventy two year old woman, Lillian Crowley, was dragged by local villagers to the edge of the lake swearing her innocence for the crime of witchcraft. Her last words were to curse them and their descendants. There have been many reported sightings of an old woman standing on the wooden jetty looking out across the lake calling to the water.

Lord Dick Gayden aged 74 disappeared while walking his two Bassett hounds one summer evening along the path of the lake in 1901. Neither he nor his two beloved dogs were ever seen again. Locals have heard howling  through the night even though the dogs if alive would be over 100 years old. Squadrons of low flying birds regularly circle the area where he vanished.